2600T Horizontal traction bench

Discover our test laboratory, recently completed with a horizontal test bench with an exceptional capacity of 2,600 T. Less than 4 benches of this magnitude exist in Europe!

PMS 2600 Expertise

a Principle, our Mission, your Safety.

Periodic audits

Delegate the compulsory Periodic Audits of your lifting and personal fall protection equipment. We have also developed a Scan & Control solution to dematerialize these controls.

Challenge your knowledge!

Evaluate your level of knowledge in the fields of lifting, lashing or personal fall protection equipment.

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Unique equipment

One of the only 2600 T benches in Europe

Un certificat de test

A la suite de chaque essai nous vous communiquons un procès-verbal attestant des résultats du test effectué. Ce procès-verbal reprend des photos ainsi que tous types d’informations relatifs aux conditions et aux résultats de l’essais.

Représentation des différents bancs d'essais de PMS Industrie

A responsive team

Each test request is studied with the greatest care to provide a rapid and complete response.

Reliable results

Our benches are controlled and calibrated by the National Testing Laboratory to ensure compliance of data and tests performed.

Breaking test

This test brings your product up to its breaking in order to study its behavior and capacity.

Testing under static proof load

This test keeps your product under a constant proof load for a given period to study its resistance.

Fatigue test

This test subjects your product to defined a number of charge and discharge cycles to study its resistance.



Tension and compression tests

We test any type of products through destructive or non-destructive testing, so as to provide you with the necessary guarantees when placing your equipment on the market, distribution or use.



Periodic audits of products

Each lifting or personal protective equipment must be checked at least once a year. We can carry out these audits for you and perform maintenance of your equipment.




In order to guarantee maximum safety in risky professional situations, we can train you in the use of your lifting, lashing and work at height equipment and to conduct the periodic audits of your products.




In the event of a damage, our experts may be comissioned by insurance companies or directly by the affected parties in order to ascertain the seriousness and determine the parties liability



With PMS 2600 EXPERTISE, we affirm our desire to provide a service dedicated to security through

  • A complete laboratory for testing any equipment on the market
  • A traceability and periodic audit of products service with a SCAN & CONTROL system
  • A training center
  • An expertise office dedicated to lifting, lashing and personal protective equipment.


Each lifting or personal protective equipment must be checked at least once a year. By calling on PMS 2600 Expertise, you are guaranteed a quality work, respecting the legislation in force. Together, we plan the equipment control periods so as not to disrupt your business.


We offer training in the use of your lifting, lashing and work at height equipment. These trainings will allow operators to fully control their equipment in complete safety, whatever the situation. In order to ensure maximum safety and autonomy, we can also train you to periodically check your equipment.

Periodic audits


Anti-fall equipment



Our teams are available and at your service for any additional information you may need or any requests for project studies.

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