horizontal testing bench 2600 tons

New testing benches

a Product, a Mass, a Solution…
… At your disposal to test and control any of your products, up to the highest capacities!

Following the closure of Le Beon Manufacture (Lorient, FRANCE) in 2020, we acquired their two test benches:

  • The first one, horizontal, has an exceptional capacity of 2600 tons,

  • The second one, vertical, has a capacity of 300 tons.

Since we acquired two new benches with exceptional traction capacities we now have one of the largest test capacity in Europe. We are then able to test all types of equipment on the market via destructive or under proof load tests.

Our laboratory enables us to certify compliance for any type of manufactured products with the requirements of the European Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.

horizontal testing bench 2600 tons

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